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Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement
In today’s technology driven world communication has been enhanced on a number of levels. In particular, technological innovations have enabled companies to build a network of contacts through the use of social media. But are companies using social media to its full potential?
Whilst a number of businesses respond to communications from their customers and target market, are they really engaging with them? In order to engage with customers it is essential for a company to understand them as an individual rather than responding to all customers in the same manner. Whether it be their age, gender, or location, any of these demographics, and more, can have a profound effect on a person’s character and the way in which they engage with others. So it is very important for companies to ensure that these factors are taken into consideration before trying to engage with their target market.
A company that very effectively kept their customer’s personality and characteristics in mind when communicating with them is o2. Having received a complaint on twitter by a customer about their phone’s internet connection, o2 responded in the same dialect that the customer had tweeted them in. The customer had communicated with o2 using very ‘street’ and slang terms and so o2 decided to engage with the customer by speaking to them in the same manner and replied with; “Have you tried to reset the router ting fam, so mans can use the wifi and data?” The customer’s response, although surprised at first, showed a lot of respect for o2 communicating with them in a manner that enables engagement between the two parties.
This case study shows that through positive and effective engagement with the target market customer relationships can be built. My Management Company supports its’ clients in networking and engaging with their target audience through the use of social media, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.