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It is all about the brand

It is all about the brand
How many people have you heard say that they know its Christmas when they see the Coca-Cola advert? Even the smallest whisper of the immortal words ‘Holidays are coming’ and  99% of people will probably think of bells ringing, a child running in the snow and the legendary Coca-Cola trucks driving through small-town America. It’s an advert that reaches across the generations and stays in the mind of the consumer as one of the most powerful examples of the importance of branding.

A few years back, Coca-Cola went one step further by becoming one of the first major companies to introduce a social media element to their advertising campaign, including the use of hash tagging to get people talking on Twitter!
So have you thought about your own branding? Whether your brand is yourself or your business, take time to note down your key selling points and start making the most of them! You want your clients or potential clients to know who you are and what you are all about, so your brand needs to be clear and your selling point strong and memorable. Don’t be afraid of using slogans or icons, but be aware that they need to be contemporary or they may date quickly.
Shout out your brand! Make the most of using the Internet and social media – over the last few years’ viral marketing has become enormous. It could be as simple as an upload to a personal YouTube channel and posting your link out across your social networks, or even create your own Facebook page or twitter hashtag. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you regularly update your media so you are kept in the minds of your audience!
So remember, think of your unique selling points and get talking about them… in today’s world, it’s all about the brand.