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Big things in business really can come in small packages!

Big things in business really can come in small packages!

It would be quite a chore to find someone you knew who had never heard of Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. They have become three of the most powerful corporations in the world, with millions of users logging on each day. But do you remember their first posts?
Although there is no record of Facebook’s first post in February 2004, we did find these from a past BBC article.
“Just setting up my twitter” was the first sentence to have ever been written on Twitter on 21st March 2006 by its founder Jack Dorsey.
“Alright, so here we are in front of the elephants” was the first few words to be uttered on YouTube back in April 2005, by co-founder Jawed Karim.
From a few unassuming words a major change to the way society lived in the modern world was born and a new way of doing business had begun! There were no big launch parties or A-List appearances, no major TV or advertising campaigns; it was just a case of a simple sentence.
It’s not only in social media – the first text message sent in 1992 said only “Merry Christmas” and the first email “qwertyuiop [probable]”.
Have you thought about what your first words were for your social media sites; were they as simple as the ones above? Whatever they were, it’s important that you are getting the right message out now to your clients and, crucially, prospective clients. Remember three key areas when you are updating your social media; Knowledge, Information and Education.
Knowledge – what knowledge/expertise do you have that you can share with your audience?
Information – what current trends or new happenings can you talk about?
Education – what can you say that will be useful to your audience, which they can use to learn and grow their business?
We believe if you use these points each time you log on to your social media, you will start seeing the huge advantage social media has in today’s business.
And all from just a few words…