expert help,
for expert people.

At 'My Management Company' we are family

Not just in the ‘hippy, loving everyone way’ but a real multi-generational family business!

This means we operate with seriously high levels of trust, spirit and well meaning. Clients aren’t just clients – they become part of the family, which means we’ve got your back!

Of course we also welcome members and suppliers to the team outside the gene pool who usually have the same style of thinking and family attitude.

See below for more information about each team member.

Sara Beth Reynolds, Managing Director - AKA ‘Sarge’ and ‘SB’

SB’s biggest love is making sure people are well looked after, closely followed by coordinating people to make things happen.

Sara Beth has spent many years in Project Management/Coordination roles, be it in Marketing/Events/Speaker Management.

Having organised hundreds of events and worked with internationally renowned speakers, she runs the team and our suppliers and works tirelessly to get our clients results.

Her biggest loves are family and friends, her giant whiteboard (it covers one wall of her office) and new stationary (yes really!)

Hazel Pearson - Marketing Manager - AKA ‘Hazel The Great & HP Sauce’

Hazel’s biggest value is do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it – she lives and breathes it.

HP works with our team on our clients marketing activities. The clients Hazel works with love her, she’s reliable, proactive and really cares. Her biggest loves are her children, her family and a glass of sherry on a cold night!

Anny Roper – Accounts and Admin Manager – AKA ‘Smiler’

Anny is one of life’s truly good people, it’s unlikely you will hear her say a bad thing about anyone and she will always try and find a way to help people.

But don’t mistake her for being a push over; remember our business and clients are our family - and she’s fiercely protective over her family!

Anny looks after My Management Company’s Accounts and Admin. She also provides support with our client’s logistics and event requirements.

Anny’s biggest loves are her family and a clean kitchen!

Connie Edwards – Marketing and Logistics Assistant, also Family Business Owner Magazine Deputy Editor

A bright and bubbly presence in the office, Connie is our youngest member of the team - but don't let that deceive you, she has a very sensible head on young shoulders. Her ability to multi-task is already well established and she has a very positive and dedicated attitude to her work. She is a whiz with social media for our clients, and she really enjoys the event planning side of things too.

A bit of a health nut, she goes for a run before work most mornings and puts us all to shame.

Sandra Dodd – Office Wonder Woman

We regularly go by the term 'If in doubt, ask Sandra', and sure enough she will know the answer! Sandra has vast experience in office work and has the ability to shine in every role - a general office Wonder Woman!

Sandra's biggest passions are bee keeping, arts & crafts, reading and organising the office! She devotes her free time to her rabbits, chickens, bees, garden, and spending time with her two grown up daughters.

Chris Patton – Director – Aka ‘Matt Damon’ and ‘Morpheus’.

Chris has a hugely successful career in the stage and live performance lighting industry, just mention his name and it is synomynous with respect and admiration.

Chris supports the business in an advisory capacity and from a systems and technology perspective. He is incredibly level headed, doesn’t flap and handles things in a calm and considered manner – he gets results.

Chris’s biggest loves are his wife and HUGE family, a cold beer and Pink Floyd!

Peter Roper – Honouree Chairman and Strategic Advisor to clients – AKA ‘Old Ropes’

Peter supports the company and clients from a strategic perspective; he gets involved right at beginning when we work with clients on their strategy and in determining what support they require.

Peter had a stunningly successful corporate career before moving into consultancy himself and is now known as ‘The Family Business Man’.

He speaks internationally, is an Amazon Best Seller Author and consultant. His biggest loves are his family and motor racing!